Installation Services for Paver Projects in Jacksonville Beach and Surrounding Areas

If you are thinking about installing pavers to finally complete that vision of your home or to make your home more desirable when it comes time to sell, pavers are truly a great way to transform the look of your property. There are a wide variety of different materials to choose from in order to obtain the look that works for you. You will find that paving your property with these versatile, long-lasting, and easy to maintain products are worth the time and expense.

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For Northwest Florida panhandle, contact
Paver Sales at (850) 398-9574.
For Jacksonville, Nassau, and Baker County,
please call Installation in Jacksonville Nassau, Baker County St Johns and Clay And Putnam  at (904) 352-9175.
For St. John’s county and Clay County,
please call (904) 575-6495.

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Jacksonville Beach Professional Paver Installation from Paved 2 Perfection

While some people make an attempt at DIY paver installation, we recommend that most people save themselves countless hours by going straight to professional paver installers. Unless you have significant experience with this kind of work, you will quickly find that there are unfortunately many things that can go wrong. Rather than calling a paver installation company to fix a paving installation gone wrong, we recommend that you first invest in starting with the most efficient methods possible – call in the professionals, whether for advice, assistance, or if attempting the project yourself.

We also treat your pavers after they are laid to help make sure that they have added durability so you can perform less maintenance and still have them stand up to heavy foot traffic and weather over time.

Hiring Jacksonville Beach professional paver installers allows our customers to have the most fun job: choosing the paver design and materials as well as working out how you want them to look. You can leave the essential, but more arduous work to us. Our passion is in creating the perfect design to exceed your expectations.

Experience allows our expert paver installers the ability to complete projects that many would find extremely difficult. From cutting pavers to ensuring that they fit perfectly, our installers will ensure that your pavers fit all of the correct angles discussed in the design you desire.

Since paver installation in Jacksonville Beach is our thing, we offer a variety of supplies and styles and will install your pavers at a reasonable price. Our services are available to both homeowners and contractors, and if you live in the Jacksonville Beach area, please feel free to get in touch with us and see what we can do for you.

Our Jacksonville Beach paver installation services extend from pool patios to driveways and walkways. If you have an outdoor fireplace, we can make it custom with our expert paver installation. Bring us your ideas and we will combine them with our expertise and professional hardscaping materials. We are not afraid of hard work and love to be creative.

Whether you would like us to take on an entire paver installation project, just need some guidance, or are looking for some good quality materials at a reasonable cost, get in touch with Paved 2 Perfection and we will be glad to accommodate you. We run a local, woman-owned business dedicated to helping you achieve the outdoor space of your dreams. We are also ICPI certified, so you can rest assured that we can handle anything you throw our way.

Contact Us:

For Northwest Florida panhandle, contact Donna at (850) 398-9574.

For Jacksonville, Nassau, and Baker County, please call Arthur at (904) 352-9175.

For St. John’s county and Clay County, please call (904) 575-6495.

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What to Expect During Paver Installation

Once you have made the deposit, you can expect to receive an email communication from the office. These communications will provide information on your paver ordering, delivery date of pavers, date of installation, project schedule delays if any.

There will be lots of dust, our pavers are hand-cut with an industrial saw on site. If you have anything in the project area that cannot withstand paver dust, PLEASE REMOVE, REPOSITION, OR COVERUP WITH TARP before your installation date. We will not be held liable for dust damage.

If you have water sprinklers that need to be repositioned, you will need to have that completed before your installation date. We will ONLY cap them and lay pavers on top of them.

The sand is used as a stabilizer for sedimentation of the pavers. The sand is not grout as used with tile. You will not see sand in every crevice. The sand is sprinkled, then watered and brush throughout the project. Mortar is used to secure paver borders only. We ask that you let nature takes its course and don’t sweep the sand.

After the job is complete, your salesman will contact you for the balance of the invoice.  Upon completion, the homeowner needs to be home to inspect the project and make the final payment.

What Not to Do

  • Do not walk on paver boarders for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not drive on the driveway for 48 hours.
  • Do not sweep sand off pavers


To ensure the aesthetic quality and for the pavers to remain weed-free, we recommend you seal the project after the first sixty days. At least every three years after installation you should get them washed or sealed.

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