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Hardscape Supplies for Your Pensacola Projects

Living in Pensacola, Florida homeowners use their outdoor spaces as additional rooms, with beautiful outdoor retreats that extend your living space in a beautiful way. With a combination of patio pavers, walkway pavers, and landscape pavers, a simple backyard is transformed into a beautiful, as well as a functional, space where you and your family can relax and enjoy outdoor living at its best. Our paving supply company can help with this transformation.

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How Our Company Can Help

Paved 2 Perfection is dedicated to helping homeowners in Pensacola to build an outdoor oasis that will serve their individual needs and desires. We want you to fall in love with your backyard. We are a trusted source for both homeowners and paving contractors looking for pavers, concrete, and other raw materials for hardscaping projects.

Designs and Materials That Last

With hundreds of choices available, you or your contractor can combine styles, shapes, and color options with ease and flexibility. This enables you to create gorgeous paver driveways, pool pavers, walkway pavers, and patio pavers to create designs that enhance the look of your home in interesting, functional ways.

The beauty and durability of a paver stone patio or driveway is unparalleled. Also available are brick pavers and concrete pavers. Creating a patio with paver stone allows for a level of flexibility to match the style and beauty of your Pensacola home not available with some other materials. We can help you choose the right materials to create the look you want.

Choosing Paving Stones

Pavers are individual interlocking stones that can be used to create a driveway, patio, outdoor walkway, pool surround, and retaining walls. Contractors often use pavers to create a traditional look, but plenty of modern options are available too. Pavers can seem like a more expensive option than other material choices, until you factor in their long lifespan and low maintenance requirements.

Pavers provide high traction, even when wet, so they work well for driveways, patios, and walkways. They are long-lasting (between 30 to 50 years), and they are extremely durable. In the event of damage, which is unlikely, the damaged section can be replaced easily without disruption to the undamaged portion.

Using Pavers in Landscaping

Pavers are a great choice for hardscaping, as they can be used to create a beautiful, classy look reminiscent of the Old World. Because they come in so many sizes, colors, and shapes, pavers can produce almost any mosaic pattern. Using them for facing on walls carries a hardscape theme throughout your landscaping.

You can use driveway pavers as design elements in concrete, and as alternatives to joints in driveways. They are great for creating patterned borders for patios, driveways, and garden beds at your Pensacola home.

Repair Costs for Pavers

As mentioned above, repair costs for pavers is low because individually damaged pavers can be removed and replaced. Even repairing a large paver area is relatively inexpensive contrasted with repairing an equivalent concrete driveway.

After a storm, repairing concrete requires breaking out large sections of damaged concrete, replacing and packing lost soil, then pouring new concrete. Paver replacement also requires soil replacement, but only replaces the pavers that were damaged.

Other Landscaping Uses for Pavers

Pavers can also be used to provide:

  • Welcoming, warm, defined, gathering spaces.
  • Accents and borders for concrete areas.
  • Borders for grass, and flower beds.
  • Dog runs.
  • Foundations and surrounds for sheds.
  • Foundations and surrounds for hot tubs.

A Fire Pit – Outdoor Living at its Best

Outdoor living rooms are popular in Pensacola, as are outdoor kitchens. Pavers can create a great outdoor fireplace or fire pit. They are ideal places for friends and family to gather and enjoy one another’s company.

Paved 2 Perfection will work with you to bring you the best in fireplace pavers and fire pit pavers. We are committed to helping you have a functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor space, so we work with you and your contractor to provide you with the best in fireplace and fire pit pavers at affordable prices for both our residential and commercial customers.

Why Come to Paved 2 Perfection?

We can help you find the right materials for any addition to your yard. Dreaming of a stone paver pool deck? Perhaps an extravagant outdoor fireplace or pit? Whatever you want to make your outside living more luxurious, we can help to ensure that your project goes smoothly from beginning to end.

If you are not interested in a DIY project, we work closely with local paving companies who will help with the design and your plans for your outdoor space. Contact Paved 2 Perfection today and let us know what we can do for you.

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