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Pavers for Outdoor Fireplaces and Firepits

There are many ways to relax and enjoy your marvelous backyard. One such way is with the help of outdoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. Imagine all the fun you will have entertaining family and friends in such a unique backyard space, perfect for making memories you will cherish. There is no better place than being outdoors to take in the wonders of nature and enjoy the life you have built for yourself. With the variety of pavers we have, your idea for a perfect fire pit can be a reality.

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Outdoor fireplaces have so many uses

How We Can Help

Outdoor fireplaces have so many uses. At Paved 2 Perfection, we work with you to bring you the best in both fireplace pavers and fire pit pavers. If you want to have a functional backyard that is also aesthetically compelling, we offer you a wide array of pavers at affordable prices for residential and commercial customers.

As a homeowner or a commercial property owner, you can call us for fireplace and firepit pavers. We will do the bidding for you and get back to you with paving contractors if you need them. Contractors will also come out to your home or business to discuss the best options available to transform your property into a one-of-a-kind backyard or commercial masterpiece.

Our Paver Products

Firepit PaversNothing says elegance like new pavers. We work with a variety of products, including:

  • Pavers – Including 4×8 Brick, 4×8 Brick Antiqued, Stonehurst, Stonehurst Antiqued, Olde Towne, Olde Towne Antiqued, Mega Olde Towne, Mega Olde Towne Antiqued, Plank, Romanesque Circles, Tuscany, Quartzstone, Roma, Templehurst, and Bluestone
  • Slabs – Including Travertine, Park Plaza, Shellstone, and Porcelain
  • Retaining walls – Including Stonegate, Munich, and Compac
  • Remodel Pavers – Including Stonehurst Remodel, Mega Olde Towne Remodel, and Olde Towne Remodel
  • Green Collection – Including Aqua paver, SF Rima, 4×8 permeable
  • Clay Pavers – Including Old Detroit Reclaimed and Old Columbia Clay

There are so many ways to turn your backyard space into a fantastic place to hang out and enjoy the weather. Whether it is cool or hot, being outdoors is revitalizing. If you love staying outside into the wee hours, we can show you how to make that more comfortable and exciting. It does not matter how small or large a space you have, we can help you create the right ambiance.

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Outdoor Fireplace Pavers DestinShared Chimney – If you are having a house built, there is nothing like incorporating an outdoor fireplace into the building process to minimize the cost of labor and products. With a shared chimney, you have access to a cozy fire, both indoors and outside on your patio or deck. Your choice of pavers and slabs is completely up to you.

Stone Fireplace for Outdoor Dining – Use natural textures and elegant pavers to bring the beach right into your backyard. An outdoor stone fireplace will add a lot to your outdoor living space. You will be able to choose from the pavers and slabs of your dreams or stick with all natural and green products.

Minimalist Stone Outdoor Hearth – If you are looking for a comfy area where your family can hang out, you will want something that offers plenty of seating in front of the fire. Your outdoor fireplace can make the best use of a stone-stacked hearth and chimney, or go traditional with an outdoor brick fireplace. By using our pavers, slabs, and even retaining wall products, you will soon have the cozy nook you have been looking for.

Modern and White – Love the look of your backyard space but want something more? We can create the ultimate spot for all of your lounging and entertaining. A cozy white fireplace, complete with lighting and a place for stacking wood, is waiting for you. You will enjoy being outdoors as much as being indoors all year long.

Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

Destin Outdoor Fire Pit PaversFocal Point – Want to make your firepit the center of attention? Start with a low wall by choosing brick or pavers or something from our green collection. If you need paving contractors to help you decide, we work with them as well. Together, we will work out the best fit for your home or business.

Open-Air Firepit – These are easy to install and can be placed wherever you like. Create a stunning retaining wall nearby or use our pavers and slabs for seating arrangements.

Natural Look Firepit – If you are looking for the best in natural stones or pavers, let us show you how to bring inspiration to your backyard with the use of different sized stones and pavers that work in harmony. Surround your firepit with affordable firepit pavers for your next outdoor occasion.

Seaside Evening Gatherings – Firepit pavers look wonderful in either large or very small spaces. If you love watching the sun set every evening, create a spot where everyone can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Surround your firepit with the most natural pavers and slabs that give you a simple way to be a part of the outdoors every day.

Benefits of Working With Us

We serve Destin, Niceville, Fort Walton Beach, Crestview and nearby communities in Northwest Florida. Your satisfaction will come from our quality products and how they will complete the outdoor space you have been dreaming of. We are the paving supply company that has everything you need for taking a dull backyard space and creating a whole new atmosphere you will treasure all year long.

Find out how our team of professionals can help you to transform any outdoor space. Our hardscape supplies are perfect for all of your outdoor projects, whether it is walkways, patios, pools, driveways, fireplaces, and so much more. Our paver supply company is happy to show you new ways to create livable outdoor spaces. If you can imagine it, Paved 2 Perfection can make it happen. Contact us today to see what products we have and get connected with local paving contractors who will make your dreams come true.

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