The landscaping design makes a big difference in the overall first impression of your home or business. It sets the tone for how everything is perceived and what people believe they can expect from visiting the place. 

Adding in some professional landscape design elements can completely transform the area from plain and boring to interesting and unique. This is especially true when you mix traditional landscaping with a few hardscape elements. Those projects are best left to a professional paving contractor for the ultimate results. 

The key to being able to enjoy your project for years to come is finding the best paving contractor for the job. Here are our top seven tips for making that choice. 

Make Sure It Is a Legitimate Business

The first thing you should do when hiring any company to complete a project for you is to make sure they are a legitimate business. Unfortunately, there are too many scams out there to not take extra measures to be sure. 

An easy way to verify a company is to ask if they are licensed and insured. Those things both require a host of verifications before they will be given, so it’s a great indicator if the business is legitimate. If they have them, they should be able to produce proof of both. 

No one wants to be taken advantage of and lose money because they didn’t take a few extra steps to protect themselves. 

Look For Experience with Type of Project

Residential paving contractors have a wide range of possible projects. They could be asked to add a driveway, walkways, patio area, or pool surround just to name a few! 

Chances are your project isn’t exactly like anyone else’s because every property is unique with its own challenges. 

It’s a good idea to ask your potential contractor if they have experience with the specific type of project you’re trying to complete, and if they’ve handled anything like the challenges your space presents. This way you can feel confident they have the knowledge and skills to deliver the desired result. 

Has Access to Proper Materials 

A project can only turn out as great as the materials that are used! Even if the craftsmanship and skill are above and beyond, low-quality materials will break down and ruin the final look over time. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure the paving contractors have access to great materials. 

This is a good time to discuss your long-term goals and what you’d like everything to look like in the end. If there are additions you’d like to make later, they can set the space up to be able to do that as well. 

Landscaping projects often require a long-game approach, and the materials need to suit those needs. 

Available on Your Timeline 

Nothing is worse than getting ready for a project and being excited to be able to begin, only to be told it’s going to be another couple of months. 

If you are prepared to start your project, you want it to begin as soon as it can. When you search for “residential contractor near me” it may be a good idea to inquire about scheduling and availability before taking time to do any further research.

Obviously, it’s important to be open-minded and ready to wait a little bit for the right timing. But you don’t want to wait forever! 

Services Fit Within Budget 

Any home improvement project is going to make an impact on your finances. Landscaping and exterior projects often require a lot of discipline within your finances and setting a budget well in advance to be able to fund them. 

A crucial step in your research process is discussing the cost of the project and the breakdown of the budget. 

Make sure you ask about any potential extra fees or increases in the final cost. This way you can be as prepared with your side as possible. It’s also a good idea to get an estimate in writing to hold onto for the future. 

Offers Professional Advice

There are so many hardscape materials available, it can be truly overwhelming to think about deciding which are right for your project. Especially when you consider how different materials can completely change the overall look of the project and the impact they make. 

A good paving contractor will be available to help offer professional advice to get you to the right decision. They should be able to answer questions about the material, show you what combinations would look like, and speak to the maintenance level of each option.

The more information the better in these situations and you want your contractor to be able to give you everything you need to make an informed decision. 

Ask For Personal References 

In today’s world, one of the best ways to find the answer to “the best residential contractor near me” is to ask around in your circle of friends. 

A personal reference is gold when trying to make sure you’ll have a good experience and outcome. Especially when it comes from someone you know and trust. But even reading online reviews or asking the potential hire for some references can make you feel confident in your decision. 

Looking through references is a way to see what it’s really like working with this company and what you can expect. 

Finding the Best Paving Contractor Near Me 

When taking on any kind of landscaping project, there are so many details to figure out and decisions to be made. None is more important than finding the best paving contractor possible. 

This decision will affect the outcome of the entire project. It doesn’t matter how great the design is if there’s no one to pull it off. The right skills and techniques make any plan come to life!

And that’s why we have been able to help so many customers get their dream exteriors through our hardscaping additions. 

If you’re interested in seeing how our team can transform your exterior spaces, contact us today!