Did you know that fire pits are a big deal in Florida? Everyone knows that Floridians are accustomed to enjoying warmer weather for most of the year. But evenings in Florida can be rather chilly during the winter months when cold fronts sweep in and cause temperatures to plummet.

No matter what time of year it is, building a fire pit in your backyard will provide you with an intimate gathering area for your friends and family. A fire pit will also give you the feeling of sitting beside an inviting campfire while providing plenty of seating for your guests.

Fire pits are low-profile, ideal for a small backyard, and allow you to enjoy Florida weather all year long. Adding this feature to your patio area will provide warmth, relaxation, and a way to enjoy the outdoors during the colder winter months and give comfort and tranquility all year round. 

Building a Fire Pit Is Not as Hard as You Think

It may surprise you to know that most fire pits are not difficult to build. With just a few materials and some direction, even homeowners with modest DIY skills may safely accomplish this job.

Fire pits are most typically circular, but they can also be found in square, rectangle, or oval configurations. They can vary in price range depending on your needs or wants for your outdoor space.

After just one afternoon of work, you can find yourself sitting around the warmth of the fire, enjoying an evening with friends. Check out these few pointers you’ll want to consider before you build a firepit:

Do You Prefer to Use Gas or Wood?

Either can be used in an outdoor fire pit. Pits come in a variety of styles that utilize gas or wood. So, the choice is yours.

Do You Have Enough Area in Your Backyard?

A fire pit should never be located under a covered porch or near a wood deck. Make sure you have a designated area that is free from overhanging trees and not to close to your home.

Do You Have Access to a Water Source?

Water is a consideration while choosing where to place your fire pit. If you have an emergency, you’ll need a hose or some other type of water handy to put the fire out.

Get Approval

Check for any ordinances in your HOA, area, or neighborhood. Once you’ve confirmed that it’s okay to build, select a spot in your yard that is at least 25 feet away from any structures, trees, or shrubbery.

Gather Your Supplies

You’ll need bricks, stones, or patio pavers; gravel or sand, a large shovel, a level, a trowel, and a tamp (used to compact sand and gravel). Having everything you need, close at hand, will make your building process a smoother experience.

Two Ways to Build Your Backyard Firepit

There are two methods for building a fire pit, and each one has its points to consider. It will come down to your personal preference.

Build the Fire Pit First and the Patio Around It

If your patio hasn’t been built yet, the simplest option is to construct the fire pit first and then construct the patio around it. This will save you money on materials, make cleaning easier, and shield the patio from the heat of the fire.

If your fire pit is square or rectangular, you ought to be able to place your patio pavers right up to it. However, if it is circular, you may need to cut the patio paver stones to fit around the new fire pit or fill in the gaps with ornamental rocks or fire glass.

These materials are available in a wide range of colors and styles to complement the project’s design. To keep the patio stable, install a high-quality edge restraint along all its edges.

To cut stone, you’ll need a masonry blade with a circular saw, or a wet saw. A circular saw will generate dust that you should not inhale, so consider wearing a face mask. A wet saw is most recommended for cutting large amounts of stone.

Build the Fire Pit on Your Current Patio

If you already have a patio installed, you can build your fire pit on top of it. If you go this route, it’s critical to insulate it from the heat generated by the fire. To fill in the new fire pit, use all-purpose sand and stones. You can also use fire pit ring, a concave ceramic, or metal disk to start your fires on. This makes your cleanup easier.

Using rock and sand as an insulator can make cleaning the pit more difficult. Frequent cleaning will wear down the sand and rock layer over time. So, it’s necessary to refill them to keep proper insulation.

Use a Portable Free-standing Fire Pit on an Existing Patio

While portable fire pits are the easiest and less time-consuming to set up, you should still protect your patio pavers from the heat generated by the fire.

You can use a fire pit pad to reduce the heat from damaging the pavers. If you’ve decided on using a propane pit, the heat is solely on the top surface, so the pad is not required.

Your Fire Pit Will Be a Gathering Place

Enjoying the outdoors all year is a gift that Floridians have. A fire pit becomes a centerpiece and a place of gathering for you, your family, and your friends. 

While the winter months are cold, having an outdoor heating source allows you to enjoy the crisp evenings with family and friends while gathered around a warm fire. During the remaining months of the year, it’s a great place to chill out while enjoying cookouts, drinks, and hanging with neighbors. 

We would love to help you with the supplies you’ll need when building a fire pit. Check out our patio pavers and other hardscape products. You can also contact us about our paver installation process.