Your backyard is an extension of your living space – a space that can be used to reduce stress and increase property value. 

If your backyard seems dull and neglected, it’s time for a major makeover. Sometimes, a few potted plants do the trick, but have you considered a full hardscaping project? 

Hardscaping involves man-made objects in your yard. This includes the fence, pavers, pathways, and walls. Renovating the hardscape elements of your yard is strenuous work but worth the investment. 

Read the guide below to planning a successful hardscaping project. Your yard will look better in no time!

Establish a Plan

Establish a plan before diving headfirst into your backyard project. A plan creates a structure to follow and guides the project carefully to avoid mishaps. 

Kickstart your planning by deciding what specific hardscaping projects you’d like to take on. There’s a good chance you already know what you’d like to do, but we provided examples of popular renovations below for brainstorming just in case you need inspiration. 

Take a careful look at the hardscaping already in your yard. Does any of it appear to be falling apart? Is there anything you’d like to freshen up? 

Your hardscaping project might be a mix of fixing what’s already there and adding in some exciting new elements. 

Create a Budget

Once you know what you’d like to accomplish, create a budget

A strict budget is especially important for a DIY project because many of us underestimate all the costs that go into major renovations. Following a budget will save you from sinking into debt. 

Calculate how much you’ll need for your materials, including the hardware that pieces everything together. If you’re missing a couple of key tools, budget money for either buying or renting them. 

Are you hiring a team to complete the job? Gather quotes from local hardscaping companies to decide what’s best for your wallet. 

Set a Timeline 

In most cases, your budget determines your projected timeline. 

Some homeowners decide to save up until they can complete everything at once. Other homeowners break up the hardscaping projects into bite-sized goals, paying for one mini renovation at a time. 

Create a timeline based on your approach. This timeline will hold you and your team accountable. There are only so many more months left to install a fire pit for the cold winter nights!

Gather Your Materials

Don’t walk into a hardware store without knowing what you need. You’ll spend hours going in circles. 

Make a thorough list of all of what to buy. Consult internet tutorials or the help of professionals to determine everything you’ll need.

Gather all necessary lumber, stones, cement, mixing tools, hammers, etc. Don’t forget the little things like tarps and buckets. The small things are often the most helpful. 

Consider Hiring Professionals 

Does this seem overwhelming? Instead of taking on a DIY hardscape project, consider hiring professionals to do the job. 

Hiring a professional team seems like a scary financial investment to make, but it pays off tenfold in the end. Having someone who knows what they’re doing finish the job the first time will save you from future disasters. 

Before agreeing to work with anyone, read online reviews and former client testimonials. Pay attention to anything that mentions the quality of their work and their work ethic. 

Inquire about past projects and ask for any portfolio examples. If someone is hesitant to offer a look into their past work, it’s best to move on to someone else. 

Renovations to Consider

Are you not sure what your backyard needs? Check out these popular renovations and additions to inspire your vision. 

Remember, these are only suggestions! Customize your yard as you see fit. 

Pavilions and Pergolas

Imagine sitting in the shade on your back patio as you sip fresh lemonade. Sunshine surrounds you, but you’re protected under your new pavilion. 

For the ultimate outside oasis, build a pavilion over your back patio. It’s the perfect place to seek shelter from the harsh UV rays while still enjoying warm weather. 

Elevate the space further by purchasing a new patio set, including a comfortable lounger. It’ll be your new favorite reading spot!

Do you want a bit of shade with small leaks of sunlight? Build a wooden pergola lined with vines, ferns, and flowers. 

The plants will create adequate shade while letting in sporadic bursts of light. 

Stone Walls

If your yard is tilted, consider building stone walls to prevent erosion. 

Stone walls are appealing to the eye while serving a practical purpose. Heavy erosion washes important nutrients out of your yard, leaving your grass and other plants to wither away. 

Plus, a stone wall is an excellent place for extra seating or storage. Purchase a few cushions to use when guests are over or display potted plants along the edge of the wall. 


Do you typically have to walk through the grass and the mud to reach your pool? Reduce the amount of grass entering your pool by building a pathway. 

Pathways are great for connecting major areas of your backyard and home, such as the back patio, pool area, and shed. And the best part is pathways are customizable!

Use your creative side to plan a winding, colorful pathway with various stone pavers, or stick with rustic sophistication by laying down a narrow brick pathway. 

From ‘Blah’ to Breathtaking: Planning Your Hardscaping Project

A well-kept backyard provides an area of stress-free relaxation while increasing your home’s property value. What more could you ask for?

Give yourself the backyard of your dreams by planning a hardscaping project. Get creative with a new pavilion, pathways, and stone walls. 

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